Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daisy the Rug

Wow - another blog post - I can see this becoming addictive.......

Well after 10 years of living in the same house, I decided over the holidays that I was "over" the house and wanted to look at moving. It was interesting sitting down with Paul in Ballarat on our nine year wedding anniversary discussing it and what our dream house would look like - and have!

It was a good exercise and bought us around to the fact that we do love where we live, and do in fact still love our house, she just needs a bit of TLC and a change around! Plus moving was going to be a costly exercise - who needs that!

So today I moved our bed into the spare room after selling our spare bed to my mate Judith, and our old bedroom became MY sanctuary... Well, I suppose I will share.... It has worked out perfectly, I love it already!

It is a big room, and has lots of natural light, perfect for whipping up my Little Luv creations on my trusty (hard rubbish) sewing machine. That's another story for those that don't know that one!...

The day didn't go past without a purchase.... and no, not an op-shop one. A stunning brown and cream cow hide rug has come to live with us. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw it pop up on Facebook this arvo. I've called her Daisy. I can't believe how beautiful she is to walk on, SOOOO soft! Pauly still hasn't seen it, bracing myself.

Until next time. xx

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ten op shops in a day...

Oh dear, I think I have just created my first Blog!

I took a road trip north of Adelaide today as my daughter Poppy was in childcare. First stop - picking up an ebay purchase from a lovely ebayer. She follows my little business Foundabout. She loves that Kyrie and I call our Foundabout friends names - gives them a personality and a new life. Loved hearing that.

The day then culminated in me visiting ten(!) op shops... Yes, I love op shopping. Bit addicted really... Now to work out what to keep and what to offer on Foundabout - always hard letting go...

My funniest and I think coolest purchase? A vintage bowling bowl in a his own round retro bag!

Until next time! xx